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    The MOMA Interviews

    All of the chapters in my soon-to-be-published book, The Magic of Modern Art: How to Love It, have been written, edited and fine-tooth-comb edited. Except one that is yet unwritten. It’s the one in which I share the most delectable verbal morsels culled from live interviews I conducted with fifteen different art professionals.  They include artists, art teachers, professors, gallerists and art directors, all of whom share a profound love of Modern Art (by which term, I include Contemporary Art, as well).  I inquired with each one into the ways that Modern Art engages and delights them. I asked them to expound on the issues I think I would want…

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    The Visitors, Ragnar Kjartansson

    One of the most mesmerizing works of contemporary art I’ve seen lately was a video installation called The Visitors by Icelandic artist, Ragnar Kjartansson, at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco two years ago. I went to MoMA not knowing what would be shown. Had I known this piece would be there, I would have gone just for that. It was that good. I was in San Francisco for a group showing that included my artwork. My art dealer, an all-around delightful guy and modern-art lover (well all art lover, really) and I went to MoMA together and we were both transfixed as we watched the entire 64…