Welcome to The Magic of Modern Art

I am an artist on a mission. I want to turn the whole world on to the magic of modern art. I found out quite a while back that I have a knack for getting people from here to there – from not having a clue about how to relate to modern art to being in love with it. That’s why I have written the book The Magic of Modern Art and it’s why I’ve created this website.

I love all kinds of art. But when I visit a new place, the first thing I do (after hitting the beach) is seek out the modern art around town. That’s the art that’s about the world I live in. It’s not history. It’s now (loosely). I discovered long ago that art created in our own era can knock your socks off in a way that only it can, once you get how to deal with it (or really, to be with it).

Imagine being in a place in nature that you find heart-wrenchingly beautiful; it’s indescribable in words. Modern art can take you there, too. That same magnitude of deliciousness is available by looking at today’s art. There’s an added quality, something special about the fact that art was created by a fellow human being, a person like you, and quite possibly who is still alive.

Whether or not you ever meet the artist, when you take in their art, that person has communicated with you in a way that is unique to you – uniquely between you and the artist. I think it gets you in touch with your own uniqueness. It gets you in touch with yourself!

See, artists are like pioneers – visual explorers. They are out ahead of the crowd, investigating new territory. That’s the beauty of art that’s strange. It’s challenging.

Artists make statements and they do it without words, so when you are present with art, you’re in a kind of non-verbal conversation.You might think art is supposed to communicate one certain thing or have a certain meaning, but no! The fascination of it is that it’s a private exchange between you and the art.

I hope you’ll come along and learn how to see modern art with new eyes! I’ll be sharing what I’ve discovered and I expect to make new discoveries about modern art right along with you!

– Robyn Jamison

The Magic of Modern Art Book is here!