Welcome to The Magic of Modern Art

My name is Robyn Jamison and I’m an artist on a mission. This mission has been the central focus of my life for the past five years and, truth be told, my dream for all of my adult life.

My Mission?

A World Where Everyone Everywhere Experiences The Magic and Wonder of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone appreciated the art of our time so profoundly that museums and galleries were overflowing, starving artists were a thing of the past, and everyone collected art they loved. 

Given art’s power to enrich our lives and touch the deepest part of our humanity, we would be living in a different world – a world where we’re all more peaceful, loving, thoughtful and fulfilled.

It’s in service of this vision that I wrote the book The Magic of Modern ArtHow to love Modern & Contemporary Art, and do everything that I am doing now.

– Robyn Jamison