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The Magic of Modern Art Vision—A World Where Everyone Everywhere Experiences the Magic and Wonder of Modern and Contemporary Art.

How It All Began

Robyn Jamison firmly believes that art is the most fundamental, powerful expression of humanity and that everyone has the innate ability to appreciate art.
Early in her career while employed at a contemporary art museum, she was dismayed to overhear remarks from museum visitors like, “My five-year old could do that,” or “That’s not art.” Robyn resolved to find a way to assist people to get beyond their frustration to experience the magic of contemporary art.
She began trying out some ideas, such as experimental art tours for small groups, choosing exhibits that were outside their “art comfort zones.” Much to Robyn’s delight, her experience-based approach worked; the universal result was a full-out breakthrough in participants’ ability to appreciate contemporary art.

After these successes, she realized she had to write a book. Of course, she made new discoveries along the way. The resulting book, The Magic of Modern Art—How to Love Modern & Contemporary Art, was published in 2022.

Always seeking ways to reach more people, she launched a training program for docents. This program not only trains the docents in her unique art tour, but has the added benefits of identifying and dispelling counterproductive beliefs which prevent viewers from appreciating the art.

Who We Are

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education, a Master’s in Fine Art, plus many years of creating art, Robyn knows her way around modern and contemporary art. She has been an adjunct art professor and a staff member at a contemporary art museum. Robyn is familiar with the inner workings of museums, galleries, and universities.

With additional training through programs at Landmark Worldwide, one of the foremost educational organizations in the world, Robyn is a seasoned workshop, seminar. and event leader. She has been nominated as a keynote speaker for the Texas Association of Museums conference.

Our team members include professionals in art and other fields: Bob Adams, Rick Allred, MFA, Cynthia Cooper, MFA, Becky Hendrick, MFA, Vincent Falsetta, MFA, Otto Fox, MA, John Handley, PhD, Rubi Holder, Barb Holland, Joshua Kight, MFA, Antonio Manega, Diploma of Grafica, Art and Printing”Aloma Marquis, MFA, Renee McGivern, Mark Ramon, Rohitash Rao, BA, Anthony Schmitt, Corrina Sephora, MFA, Meryl Sher, BS, Brian Schnurr, BS, Lorraine Telford, R.N., M.N. Sally Weber, MFA, Carol Winkler, PhD, Jamele Wright, Sr., and Michele Parish Zuniga, BA, to name a few.
Frequently Asked Questions

Lectures, workshops and trainings.  We provide live and Zoom trainings for  docents and staff to deliver Magic of Modern Art Tours. We create and deliver workshops, talks and interactive presentations, both for the public and in-house staff and volunteers 

The foundational resource for our work is the book, The Magic of Modern Art—How to Love Modern & Contemporary Art. It is available as a support for your docents and staff as well as for your museum visitors to purchase from your store. You can learn more about it here.

Everything we offer is customizable to the particular needs of your organization. Ask us how we can support your museum here

– We all possess a natural, intrinsic affinity for all types of art.

– The key to unlocking the magic that modern and contemporary art can offer is to fully experience the art for oneself.

– Developing the ability to fully experience the art may require guidance and practice.

– When people don’t experience an affinity for modern and contemporary art (or any art for that matter), it’s usually because they have preconceived notions (counterproductive beliefs) that prevent them from appreciating the art.

– Dispelling such preconceived notions brings about a deepening and broadening of one’s appreciation for modern and contemporary art.

– Liking and appreciating art are distinct, although they often overlap. Anyone can learn to appreciate art that they don’t like.

– Our training is conducted through discussions, presentations, gallery tours, exercises, and games.

– We start out our docent training with a discussion about modern and contemporary art. We explore the nature of this art, the value of it, and where the            members of the group find themselves in relationship to it.

– During this discussion, any aspects (styles, genres, etc.) of modern and contemporary art that the docents find challenging are revealed. They uncover           their own preconceived notions (counterproductive beliefs) which underlie any issues or challenges they have with the art.

– We distinguish 33 counterproductive beliefs and discuss effective ways to dispel each one. Not only do the docents find themselves much more open to         appreciating the art during this dispelling process, but they also become clear about the value of dispelling counterproductive beliefs for their tour guests.


Specifics of the Magic of Modern Art Tour

– The last section of the training is about the specifics of the Magic of Modern Art Tour.

– We believe that it’s essential for docents to have a breakthrough in their own ability to experience the magic of modern and contemporary art in order to         effectively open up this magic for their guests. Therefore, before training them to deliver The Magic of Modern Tour, we take them through the tour.

– In this tour, they spend some time in front of a work of art they find particularly unappealing.  We deliver prompts that encourage them to really see the art     and especially to notice their own responses to it. What emerges is a breakthrough in their appreciation for the art.

– Once this has been accomplished, the docents are ready to be trained to deliver the Magic of Modern Art Tour. They practice delivering the tour for one         another one section at a time.

The result: Your docents are adept at providing guests with a life-changing art experience.

Your Docents

– Are adept at conducting The Magic of Modern Art Tour such that the guests are able to immerse themselves in the art and experience it fully.

– Are facile with dispelling counterproductive beliefs as they interact with their guests.

– Have a new level of confidence in their ability to field any and all questions and comments that the museum visitor may throw at them about modern and       contemporary art.

– Experience a greatly enhanced affinity for modern and contemporary art for themselves.

Your Visitors

– Have an experience where they see contemporary and modern art differently, as if for the first time.

– Have a permanent shift in their ability to appreciate modern and contemporary art.

– Are likely to share this experience with their family and friends.

– Are likely to elevate their level of attendance and participation in all your museum’s offerings.

Your Museum

– Gets a docent tour that applies to every art exhibition.

– Can draw more visitors through advertising The Magic of Modern Art Tour and what it has to offer.- Has a new tour that can be used exclusively or in             conjunction with your current approach.

– Can potentially reduce the amount of time and money spent on ongoing docent training.

– Can prepare new docents to be ready to conduct tours in less time.

– Receives an added resource to your museum’s gift shop by offering our book, The Magic of Modern Art, to museum visitors.

We have found that an optimal time commitment for training docents is a minimum of eight hours. We can deliver this in one, two or three days. However, the training can be customized for the needs of your program. It can be presented live or via Zoom.
We knew we had to put this into our FAQ section, but the truth be told, the cost of our work all depends on what we create together. Let’s talk!
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