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Magic of Modern Art Magic of Modern Art
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  1. I truly appreciate The Magic of Modern Art! It is so useful to have the observation points laid out so clearly. It’s not a book to keep on my shelf, but a book to keep handy on the coffee table. It’s there for ongoing review each time I’m headed for an exhibition. We live within walking distance of the Susquehanna Art Museum here in Midtown Harrisburg, so that’s a site I head for regularly as new shows open. What a niche your MAGIC fills!

  2. Great book!

  3. “The Magic of Modern Art” offers an in-depth exploration of why people do and don’t appreciate the nature of modern art. Beautifully written with clarity and depth, the book delves into the feelings and emotions that people have when viewing modern art. Through experience and thoughtful analysis, the author, Robyn Jamison, unveils how people react when viewing modern art. She challenges people’s perceptions and emotions they have as they view the art. She suggests what they should do to increase their appreciation of the art. Her book will inspire and ignite a newfound love for the magic inherent in modern art.

  4. I want to thank Robyn for her book “The Magic of Modern Art”! I found it very useful. I am taking a course on making embroidery designs and I found it to be a great resource, particularly when discussing line and texture. Thank you!

  5. Robyn Jamison’s The Magic of Modern Art is brilliant. It is readable, informational and draws one into the Modern Art world. Robyn has us look at our beliefs and encourages us to look at Modern art through new eyes. Do you want to learn how to and where to buy art, how to present it once you’ve purchased it, how to appreciate it, and so much more, this is the book for you.