Resolve to Visit an Art Museum in 2023 and How to Find One

For this or any year everyone gets 365 chances to tour one of the country’s approximately 1500 art museums. Artist and author Robyn Jamison believes that everyone would benefit from visiting an art museum in 2023. That is the reason Jamison is sharing information about how to find a museum to visit and specific instructions about what to do once there. Jamison’s latest book, ‘The Magic of Modern Art,’ has directions on how to tour any art gallery or museum. Her website has ways to locate art museums by geography, artist and other significant ways art is curated for public display.

First Locate A Museum Near You

With so many places and access to the Internet, locating an art museum should be pretty easy.  “Individual museums all have web sites but that does not always mean they are easy to find,” Jamison said. “Casting a ‘wide net’ via search engine will render plenty of results, but those may or may not be nearby.”

A tool that Jamison recommends to help find a geographically friendly art museum is ‘Artcyclopedia.’ ‘Artcyclopedia’ is a bare bones site with a wealth of information. Art museums and galleries are listed by state. In addition, there are 9,000 artists listed, 2900 art sites, and 160,000 links. “This is a very valuable resource for locating museums, artists, and even news about art,” Jamison said.

Once Inside the Art Museum, Do This

Jamison describes ways to experience modern art in the form of a self-directed tour. The instruction guide is available via this link:

A few of the steps Jamison suggests are: 1) go with a friend. According to Jamison, “this will give you the chance to debrief your experience, make new discoveries, express new insights and solidify all of that in a dialogue.”

2) Next spend a few minutes getting an overall impression of the entire show. “If it’s in one open gallery space, look around the room,” she wrote. “If the exhibit extends into more than one room, walk through without stopping in front of any one work of art.”

3) Jamison writes, “once you’ve scanned the whole exhibit, identify a work of art toward which you have an immediate negative reaction.” That’s the first work of art ton which to focus. “You will be spending some time looking at and absorbing this work of art that you would normally be inclined to avoid,” she wrote. She recommends at least 15 minutes focused on this work.

Jamison stresses that art and how we each experience it is a unique and individual experience that happens in the mind of the observer and that it requires a lot of mental effort. “Each of us will have a unique and personal experience with the art we see,” she said. “But whatever the reaction or experience, know that it is completely valid.”

Resolving to visit an art museum in 2023 will enrich the entire year wonderfully.