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Plus her latest book The Magic of Modern Art… Austin’s Jamison to Display Pieces from her ‘Woman as Commodity’ Series at Holiday Art on the Lawn

Plus her latest book The Magic of Modern Art…

Austin’s Jamison to Display Pieces from her ‘Woman as Commodity’ Series at Holiday Art on the Lawn 

Austin, Texas based artist Robyn Jamison is a dual threat, a double attraction and twice the value for visitors to ‘Holiday Art on the Lawn’ Sunday November 27, 2022, from 11:00am – 3:00pm at the Neil Cochran House Museum, located at 2310 San Gabriel Street, Austin, Texas. Pieces from Robyn’s ‘Woman as Commodity’ series will be present as it is popular with serious collectors and students of modern art. Robyn will also be showing and signing her latest book ‘The Magic of Modern Art’.

Woman as Commodity

Woman as Commodity is part of the popular collection by Robyn Jamison.
Woman as Commodity pieces will be part of Robyn’s display at Holiday Art on the Lawn at the Neil Cochran Museum Sunday November 27, 2022.

‘Woman as Commodity’ makes a bold statement about the societal portrayal of women in the world during the twenty-first century. A commodity is often defined as a basic good in commercial transactions. Commodities are used as an ingredient for manufacturing to make something else. Commodities are interchangeable, lacking any distinguishing identity, where one is just as good as another. Works from this collection are in short supply as interest in the series is great.

The Magic of Modern Art

In this highly engaging and empowering book, Robyn introduces a fresh, accessible approach to appreciating modern and contemporary art. This book provides readers with a tried-and-true process for transforming their visits to modern and contemporary art exhibits into joyful, enriching experiences—experiences they eagerly anticipate, avidly soak in and never get over. Robyn presents readers with powerful, effective ways to access their innate love of art and explore modern and contemporary art with freedom and confidence.

The Magic of Modern Art is available in person from the following retailers.

  • The Menil Collection (Houston, TX)
  • BookWoman (Austin, TX)
  • Flushing Town Hall (Queens, NY)
  • Neil-Cochran Museum (Austin, TX)
  • Texas Art House (Johnson City, TX)
  • Left Bank Books (St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Brazos Bookstore (Houston, TX)

The Magic of Modern Art softcover edition is available online from the following retailers.

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Scheltema (Netherlands)
  • Blackwells (UK)

About Robyn Jamison

Robyn Jamison is a visual artist and published author. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from North Texas State University and her work is in collections worldwide. She and her husband live in Austin, Texas. To learn more about Robyn Jamison, visit her website: