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    Robyn Jamison “Woman as Object” Art Show April 7- 30, 2022

    Robyn Jamison “Woman as Object” Art Show April 7- 30, 2022 From Do Awesome Stuff in Austin Link & Pin Gallery 2235 E 6th St. #102 Austin, TX 78702 Hours: Thu-Fri-Sat 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and by appointment 512-900-8952 Free Admission. cards url=”https://magicofmodernart.com/article-1″] Opening Celebration April 9, 2022, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Robyn Jamison “Woman as Object” Art Show April 7- 30, 2022. Woman’s Transformation As she states on her website, “the context of objectification sets the stage for inhumanity.” Robyn Jamison’s work speaks to “a mythology of woman’s transformation from marginalization to personhood.” Jamison’s work is a multi-media installation and comes from her lifelong, conscious inquiry into…

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    The Magic of Modern Art: How To Love Modern and Contemporary Art

    June 9, 2022 — Artist and author Robyn Jamison’s new book, ‘The Magic of Modern Art—How To Love Modern and Contemporary Art’ is available from her website, https://magicofmodernart.com. There is a lot to take in from the beautifully designed pages about experiencing and fully appreciating modern and contemporary art. A Fresh Approach In this highly engaging and empowering book, artist and innovator, Robyn Jamison, introduces a fresh, accessible approach to appreciating modern and contemporary art. This book provides readers with a tried-and-true process for transforming their visits to modern and contemporary art exhibits into joyful, enriching experiences—experiences they eagerly anticipate, avidly soak in and never get over. Your Five-Year-Old Could…

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    As Summer Returns to Normal Why Not Mix In Some Culture and Modern Art While On Vacation

    As Summer Returns to Normal Why Not Mix In Some Culture and Modern Art While On Vacation Americans are restless and ready for a change of scenery. With pandemic mandated closures over, anyone who is able will get back out on the road to enjoy the traditional summer vacation. There is plenty of interest in traditional destinations. Entertainment venues jostle for attention that leads to plans and reservations. These intended places for travel include amusement parks, regional summer celebrations, festivals and yes, modern art museums. According to artist and author Robyn Jamison, it is possible to experience and enjoy the roller coaster and Renoir on the same trip. Why not…

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    The Magic of Modern Art Is at the Publisher! 

    Hooray, hooray! The Magic of Modern Art: How to Love the Art of Our Time has been submitted to the publisher! I hit “send” on Saturday, July 31st at precisely 4:18 pm Central Time. (Let the record show that this fulfilled my promise to have the book complete and sent to the publisher by that day.)  This accomplishment is the culmination of untold hours, days and years of loving labor—and one of which I am most proud.  People Who Contributed When I say untold years, I’m including all the runs I’d made at writing this book starting almost forty years ago! I got really serious about it four years ago.…

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    Inspiring Water Art Find- Thank You, Renee!

    Renee McGivern, one of the most amazing Modern Art Mensches, shared this experience with me a few weeks ago. I found it so inspiring that I asked her if I could share with you—so here it is. “Yesterday, a friend and I visited the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, a sleepy, small college town on the banks of the Mississippi River, just over two hours south of St Paul. It’s stunning. To discover this museum after living in Minnesota all my life is a miracle. The generous, humble collector who established the museum, made his fortune building a local business into a mega-company: Fastenal. Every piece of art had…

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    Back to an Art Exhibit at Last

    Ah – the delight! Finally, my husband and I got to see an art exhibit in person for the first time since before Covid.  We had scheduled ourselves to see it a month earlier on our wedding anniversary, but we had a huge snowstorm here in Austin, Texas, that sent us reeling with frigid temperatures, extended power and water outages plus communication system breakdowns. So, our long-awaited foray back into the world of art museums was further delayed.  And, of course, social distancing means that the number of people admitted to museum shows is restricted. The duration of visits is limited to an hour. Fortunately, an hour was sufficient to…

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    The MOMA Interviews

    All of the chapters in my soon-to-be-published book, The Magic of Modern Art: How to Love It, have been written, edited and fine-tooth-comb edited. Except one that is yet unwritten. It’s the one in which I share the most delectable verbal morsels culled from live interviews I conducted with fifteen different art professionals.  They include artists, art teachers, professors, gallerists and art directors, all of whom share a profound love of Modern Art (by which term, I include Contemporary Art, as well).  I inquired with each one into the ways that Modern Art engages and delights them. I asked them to expound on the issues I think I would want…

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    Silver Lining

    Here we are in a new year. I don’t know about you, but I never thought we would still be in the throes of the COVID19 pandemic with all its catastrophic ramifications nor that there would be the level of political dissonance and unrest that we’re currently experiencing in the United States.  I also never thought that opportunities to see art in person would be so limited for so long. Although it’s not a life-or-death issue, this is a biggie for some of us. Naturally, we find ways to compensate, like viewing reproductions or scheduling an appointment to see an occasional art exhibit. We can watch great art films and…

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    Celebrating Art in the Season of Celebration

    It seems to me that it must not be an accident that the big celebration holidays – Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice — all come toward the end of the Gregorian calendar year.  The end of a year and the start of a new year create an imaginary line between the past and the future. Many of us use it as an opportunity to take stock of the past year and create some goals, commitments and visions for the next.  So, I’d like to take the opportunity of this season to celebrate today’s art and to celebrate the fact that art continues to be created. When I take a moment…